Due to a family member's illness, I am unable to process orders daily. Order shipment may be delayed 1-2 weeks.

Additionally, due to the chip shortage, the GPS modules required for internal installations are currently unavailable, and I do not currently have an availability date.

Payments Via PayPal

Scanner Modifications

Model / Mod(s)
Scanner Serial Number

Select your scanner model and the mod(s) you wish to purchase from the dropdown, add them to the PayPal shopping cart, and pay through PayPal. Please enter the scanner's serial number for each mod to ensure that the correct mod(s) are performed on the correct scanner(s), even if you are only shipping one scanner.

IMPORTANT: If your scanner has any problems requiring Uniden factory repair, send it to Uniden to have them repaired BEFORE having your scanner modified. Modifications to your scanner will void the factory warranty, and you will have to pay for any repairs done to your scanner by Uniden after the modification is performed. Uniden repair may disconnect or disable modifications.

Once you have completed your payment through PayPal, ship the scanner(s) to:
Uniden Scanner Mods & Accessories
122 Blackburns Ford Drive
Stephens City, VA 22655

Please include a memory card with the scanner, and a battery with the SDS100. Please do not include any other accessories, or the original factory box. Modifications are warranted for one year after they are performed. The modification warranty does not cover non-mod-related problems or component failures, or damage from abuse (failure to operate according to instructions, being dropped, water damage, static discharge, impact/crush damage, etc.) If your scanner has a modification-related failure within the warranty period, use the contact information below to make arrangements for warranty service.

Scanner Accessories

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Scanner Programming

Scanner Serial Number

Use the email link below to specify your location, and what systems and frequencies you want programmed. The listed programming fee is for one location. Systems and frequencies for multiple towns, counties, and states can be included in a single location, as long as they fall within a 30-mile radius of the location you choose.

The pre-programmed card option is a Sandisk 8GB Industrial MLC MicroSD high-endurance card pre-loaded with the scanner settings and frequency programming of your choice, and mailed to you.

The Replay feature found on Uniden scanners temporarily saves a recording of every transmission received to the memory card. All flash memory has a finite number of times it can be written before it fails, and it will eventually wear out with the constant use of being in the scanner and having recordings constantly being saved to it. The SanDisk high-endurance card uses a more robust flash memory design that can withstand a much larger number of write cycles before failing, so it will last far longer than standard cards.

Shipping is FREE for pre-programmed cards. Please reference your scanner's serial number in your email, to ensure your scanner receives the correct programming.

Non-card-based scanners such as the BCD996P2 must be shipped to us to be programmed. Return shipping is extra, but will be combined with other items ordered.


Shipping is billed separately. When your order is completed, you will receive a separate invoice for the actual cost of shipping. Shipping will be combined for you whenever possible to minimize shipping costs. Your order will be shipped to you once the shipping invoice has been paid.

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